Service to NATURE is a win-win situation!!

I think nature has taught us a lesson that in the future we have to fight for our lives. For healthy living; For the good of humanity….much more than रोटी, कपड़ा, मकान।

Today, we are just thinking about making life grand without thinking…

Let's welcome the new year (2021) with the resolution~ "that we will work on ourselves and learn to embrace self love!"

Self love is about improving yourself and becoming better version of yourself. It rests on maintaining the balance of Mind - Body - Brain.

When we love someone our…

Endless sky embellish with Beauty

Immaculate nature with everything Green

Serene wind with a wave of Emotions

Swirling branches with cheerful Mind

Smiling flowers away from Egoism

Sunshine expressing Hope

Surrounded by juggling Birds

Wandering Eyes..

Tiny Feet..

Fleeting Smiles..

Happy Sing..

A day ends... but happy times don't!

How you feel inside is all that matters. When the inside is pure and harmonious, everything outside seems good.

Keep yourself away from reckless ventures. Follow an ideal habit. Take every possible steps towards achieving your passion. Do what you love to do. So, you will enjoy yourself and succeed…

Happiness is a beautiful experience -find it in the ordinary!

Each one of us wants happiness and would love to be happy all the time. It's not as difficult as we have made it. Today's biggest illusion is that happiness can be bought. However, it completely depends on the wholesomeness…


Change is the foundation

Habit is addiction

Thinking is our destiny

Karma is our guide

Truth is the soul

Renunciation and Realization are obvious forms

Blessing is a beatific gift; blossoms to a bliss!

Sakshi Mishra

Quest for knowledge with the ray of hope. Bon Voyage Reader!!

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